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Marina Franklin here! Welcome to my new website! Glad you stopped by! A lot of people ask: What are you doing next? You will find everything you need right here: my schedule, links to Friends Like Us podcast, social media, fun videos, and how to book me! So… click away and a Shake A Dang Dang!

Marina Is At Comic Con

Marina Is at Comic Con for Conan O'Brien's ConanCon this week! She will be working as correspondent and performing Lives so ... Check Her Out! Thanks!

Headlining at the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival

Welcome to my new website! I have a very busy schedule for next few months so here is one of the events you may be interested in checking out! I'll be in Pittsburgh! See me live as Festival Headliner for the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival on August 23rd and August 24th! For tickets and more details click the box!