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Welcome to my new website. A lot of people ask: What are you doing next? You will find everything you need right here: my schedule, links to Friends Like Us podcast, social media, fun videos, and how to book me. So… click away and a Shake A Dang Dang!

Single Black Female Available Now!

Marina's first-ever hour stand-up special, 'Single Black Female,' is available now on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Comcast, Spectrum, Dish, Google Play, and more. Click on this for iTunes page for fun! Or go back to first page and hit a link you like! That's right. Click me! my special today!

Modeling For Amy Schumer’s New Clothing Line- Le Cloud

So much fun modeling for Amy Schumer's new clothing line! Le Cloud Clothing, created by Amy Schumer and Leesa Evans. Here with Bidgeet Everett and Leesa Evans. Styling and Profiling!

Late Night Show with Conan O’Brien!

Watch Marina on TBS's Conan O'Brien for her Second Late Night Performance!


No upcoming event scheduled